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October 21, 2014 • vasolube
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*has feelings for someone*



tell me you don’t matter to a universe that conspired
to give you such a tongue, such rhythm
or rhythmless hips, such opposable thumbs –
give thanks or go home a waste of spark

speak or let the maker take back your throat
march or let the creator rescind your feet
dream or let your god destroy your good and fertile mind

this is your warning / this
your birthright / do not let
this universe regret you.

Marty McConnell, from “Instructions for a Body” (via honeychurch)
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straight people are so weird there are entire tv shows that follow ppl attempting to lose their virginities like???

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Anonymous: should i go to a party just because my crush might be going even though i'm supposed to over them??

that depends, do you actually want to be over them or did you just get discouraged? if option two then go to the party. heck, go if option one, parties are fun

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Anonymous: I like this dude, and even though I'm not sure if he likes me back, I just want to spend all my time with him? Always?? But there's this other girl and things get heavy when he mentions her - it's like she hangs in the spaces between us, and I'm just not sure if I can get around her, or if he even wants me to, y'know?

i feel that, pal. i guess just give it a bit of time and see how you feel down the track? there are lots of reasons why things could get heavy

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Anonymous: i have a really big genuine crush on a guy i have talked to maybe twice and it's not even just his looks, it's like everything?? about him???? and the worst part is we would actually be good together and i would really really like to get to know him better, but approx 500 other girls also like him. i don't think he even knows who i am??? ha ha haaaaa

i bet the approx 500 other girls aren’t even close to approaching your level of cute and charming!

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Anonymous: I wouldn't call it a crush anymore, but I've been in love with my best friend going on 4 years now. He's gay and I'm straight, and he's also engaged. We've always had a strong bond and have looked out for and cared for each other all these years, but I know he doesn't feel the same way I do. There's no use talking to him about it, nothing will change and I've accepted that. That doesn't make it hurt any less though.

oh hun, that sucks. it’s good that you’ve accepted it but man, come over and we’ll talk it out over icecream, okay?

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